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child care tax preparation

Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 10:00 am -12:30 pm

Tax Workshop for Family Child Care Providers

Presenter, Fred Kenyon, is an Enrolled Agent who specializes in preparing Family Child Care Tax Returns. He will present a free workshop for Sonoma County 4Cs.

Workshop Description:

Mr. Kenyon will share his knowledge of Family Child Care Tax Preparation. He will discuss tax deductions commonly overlooked during preparation, the importance of keeping complete and thorough business records, and how to obtain the lowest tax bill possible. 

We invite you to come with tax questions!

Learning Objectives: 

-  Basics of recording Business Records for tax purposes 

-  Understand tax filing requirements as a Family Child Care Provider

-  Federal Meal Allowances - reimbursement vs. tax deductions 

-  Recording your Business Time for tax purposes: supervision hours vs. extra time spent

-  Benefits of recording Time-Space % 

-  Benefits of recording Business Mileage

-  Benefits of the New Tax Law

Overall Objective:

Learn how your Business Records can assist in obtaining all possible Tax Deductions each Family Child Care Provider is entitled to.  


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