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Membership Rates


MinuteBooks Records offers two payment options:


Annual Plan

Save $80/year by making a one-time payment for your membership and enjoy MinuteBooks Records all year long!

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Monthly Plan

This option allows for affordable monthly payments. Your payment will be automatically withdrawn, for your convenience.

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Services Offered


In addition to our software, we offer our clients:

-  Consultations.

-  Training Workshops - in-person and webinars.

-  Family Childcare Tax: resources and information.

-  Necessary Tax Reports.





Receive a Discount


  MinuteBooks Records also offers special promotional discounts and incentives to our members.

  You may receive a discount by: 

   -   Attending a live Webinar Training 

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   -   Refer a friend 

                Receive a referral discount for every member who subscribes to MinuteBooks Records.





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