Terms and Conditions for MinuteBooks Records


Any person 18 years of age or older, may choose to accept the Terms and Conditions for the website MinuteBooksRecords.com by:

-  Selecting the "Accept Terms & Conditions" field during registration.

-  Or by navigating the website for resources, education information, or any other usage of the MinuteBooks Records website. 

By doing so, you agree that you have read the Terms of Use, and you fully understand and agree to the conditions described in this agreement. 

If you do not understand or agree with our Terms & Conditions in its entirety, do not use the website or website services.   

We reserve the right to modify our Terms & Conditions at any time, without prior notice. All changes will be updated on this page. By accepting the terms, you accept the responsibility to stay updated on our Terms & Conditions. 

If you are a subscription member, you understand and accept, should the Terms & Conditions be modified after your initial subscription date, MinuteBooks Records will consider your continued use of the MinuteBooks Records Workbook upon acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions listed on this page. As a subscription member, you accept the responsibility of adhering to all regulations required by law, licensing and local community. 

MinuteBooks Records does not monitor membership accounts to verify each member is in compliance with the laws and regulations set by their local government. It is the member's responsibility to understand the State and Federal laws surrounding their business. The registered user is liable for all documentation recorded in the WorkBook. We reserve the right to inactivate or permanently delete a member account if an infraction with the law or our Terms of Use occurs.    

Copying, either manually, digitally or in any automated process, the content/services on minutebooksrecords.com, in part or full, is strictly prohibited by law. Extraction and use of our content/services without the prior written consent of the Administrator and Owner may result in legal action. 



To become a subscription member of MinuteBooks Records, you must register for your Workbook, purchase a subscription package and, agree to all provisions included in our Terms of Use. 

Your account username will be an email of your choosing. It is suggested to select your main business email account. The email you select will also receive blind copies of all outgoing emails and reports. If you sent a report from MinuteBooks Records, the email you select as your username will appear as the sender and may also appear on different reports. 

During registration, you must create a password to access your WorkBook. The password should be kept confidential and is your, the user's, responsibility to safeguard this information. If any person has accessed your MinuteBooks Records WorkBook without your authorization, we ask that you contact our office immediately. MinuteBooks Records does not have access to a password, but we can offer assistance in updating a password. 

As a subscription member of MinuteBooks Records, you agree to follow all safety and privacy regulations set by your state and federal guidelines. MinuteBooks Records does not monitor, nor investigate which members are following all legal guidelines and can not be held responsible for any unlawful acts or repercussions due to the neglect of following such guidelines. It is the responsibility of the user alone to understand and follow any and all state and federal regulations. 

Any misuse of the WorkBook may result in the restriction of our software. Any person attempting to gain unauthorized access to membership accounts, the content management system or website content will be banned from using our services and reported to the proper authorities. 



There are two payment options: annual and monthly. All subscription prices and additional services are in United States Dollars (USD). You may cancel your subscription at any time, with no cancelation fee.

To maintain access to the MinuteBooks Records Workbook, the user must enter a valid debit, credit or MasterCard to allow recurring payments to be automatically withdrawn on the predetermined and agreed upon day. Annual payment options automatical withdrawal on the same date every year. Monthly subscription payments will automatically withdrawal every 30 days. By accepting the Terms & Conditions, you confirm and agree to the Terms of Use regarding pricing and payments of the Workbook. 

All subscription payments (monthly and annual) are non-refundable. You must cancel your Monthly Subscription within 24 business hours, prior to your recurring payment date, in order to avoid your subscription payment. If you fail to cancel your subscription before the 24 hour requirement, your account will be charged. For further assistance or questions regarding payment after cancelation, you may contact our office at info@minutebooksrecords.com. 

To receive a full refund for an Annual Subscription, you must cancel and/or contact our office within 30 days of your original registration date. If you do not contact our office or cancel your subscription, MinuteBooks Records is not liable to pay the refund in any portion. 

It is the user's responsibility to ensure all promotions and discounts are properly allocated and applied. 

Failure to comply with the payment process may result in a late-charge fee and/or immediate suspension of use from the MinuteBooks Records Workbook. We will attempt to contact you via phone and/or email for alternative payment options. If the user fails to respond to our communications, the user account may be terminated. To submit an alternative form of payment, you may contact our office at info@minutebooksrecords.com. 

Education payments/fees may be submitted electronically at the time of registration. Education payments are non-refundable, whether the user actively attends or is absent from the class. To receive a full refund, you must contact our office within 7 business days prior to the educational class. 

MinuteBooks Records reserves the right to change our pricing, packages, and services at any time with or without notice. 



As a benefit to our members, MinuteBooks Records provides hyperlinks to other websites or resources that may assist in the growth of your childcare business. Though we may display third-party logos and hyperlinks, MinuteBooks Records is not associated or endorsed in any way by the third-party, unless stated otherwise.   

Though we select the third-party resource as carefully as possible, MinuteBooks Records does not condone, approve or is involved in any content, information or opinions of the third-party. 

You understand that it is your responsibility to read and agree (or disagree) with their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of these third-parties and that MinuteBooks Records is not responsible for any conflicts that may arise related to these parties. 

As a subscription member, it is expected of you to inform our office if a persistent conflict or error occurs within the third-party link provided so that we may re-evaluate our decision to provide the resource. You agree that our office is not liable for any problems, losses, or fraudulent activity you might encounter while using the third-parties. You also agree that once you click on the hyperlink you leave our site to enter a different company and will be subject to their Terms of Use.   



 MinuteBooks Records is not liable and can not be held responsible for the following: 

-  The actions involving a third-party vendor or any associated conflicts that may arise during the use of the third-party. 

-  Subscription member's compliance of any and all federal and state laws and regulations needed to maintain a valid childcare license.

-  Subscription member's compliance with any and all federal and state laws and regulations surrounding health, safety, privacy, licensing, documentation or training in regards to their childcare business and clients.

-  The unexpected interruptions of the website regardless if it is due to the server, web host, site maintenance, heavy site traffic, security breach or other reasons. 

-  The accuracy and reliability of the content provided on our website may it be from our company, a provided resource or client records. 

-  The failure of the website to secure access to the member's accounts. 

-  Any loss/deletion of recorded data caused by a website malfunction, loading error, connection loss, or third-party vendor.

-  Any fraudulent activity or interception of personal information recorded in the MinuteBooks Records Workbook involving the direct subscription member or any personal information documented on their clients. 

-  Any misunderstanding, personal conflicts or misrepresentations from MinuteBooksRecords.com, its employees, its owner or any associated affiliates. 



MinuteBooks Records holds the right to modify our Terms & Conditions at any time, without prior notice. This is including, but not limited to verbiage, spelling, videos, formatting, editing, additional software functions, updates, etc. All changes will be added to this page. by accepting the terms, you accept the responsibility to stay updated on our Terms & Conditions.  

As a subscription member, you give MinuteBooks Records permission to contact you via phone, email or mail with notices of software changes, updates, childcare related articles, advertisements, reminders, education schedules, or any messages which we believe will help you and your business succeed. If you do not wish to receive email updates that are not directly related to the management of your account, you may unsubscribe at the bottom of any email. 

While some third-parties we have hyperlinked may provide services, MinuteBooks Records does not provide legal guidelines, advice or services of any kind. We also do not provide legal paperwork to ensure you are following the business guidelines and regulations set by your local state. MinuteBooks Records provides services specific to what is provided on our web page minutebooksrecords.com. MinuteBooks Records can not be held liable for any legal defiance. 

Furthermore, you are not allowed to plagiarize or use any copyrighted material without the prior written consent of the company owner and administrator. Doing so will hold you fully and legally liable, financially and otherwise, for any legal repercussions that may arise. You also agree to indemnify MinuteBooks Records for any and all costs associated with any claims, lawsuits or legal proceedings precipitated by your illegal use of our copyrighted, trademarked or proprietary materials.  



The Minute Books Records Workbook is protected by the Copyright Act of 1976. This Act prohibits any use, alteration, reproduction or duplication of this software without the documented approval of the owner. Any unauthorized use of this software may result in termination of use and product.

Visitors to our website, including subscription members, are not authorized to copy, use or distribute any content presented on our website or Workbook unless they have been given written consent from the owner of MinuteBooks Records. Content includes, but not limited to: Written content, tutorial videos, instructional text, instructional videos, webinars, photographs, logos, software, format, design, educational information, etc. 

MinuteBooks Records will take proper legal action against any person who violates our Copyright and Proprietary Rights as a company. 



All information entered in your MinuteBooks Records Workbook is not shared with other websites or companies without your signed approval, written or electronic. You understand our office administrators have the ability to access a member profile to assist in adding, deleting or reviewing information.

Though our office has administrative access, MinuteBooks Records administrators will never access a membership profile unless:

-  We have the prior written consent of the registered user.

-  With a verbal agreement during an instructional video conference with an administrator. 

-  If we have reason to believe the user account has been performing illegal acts. 

-  If a membership account seems to have been intercepted by an online criminal.

We will give notice, either before or after, we access a membership account and include the date, time and reason for entry to a Workbook. 

You may also view our full Privacy Policy by clicking here



There are two options to terminate your Subscription Membership:

Option 1: Voluntary termination:

As a subscription member, you have the right to cancel your membership at any time, with or without notice or explanation. You may complete this action by selecting "Cancel your account" at https://minutebooksrecords.com/myaccount, choosing to cancel your auto-renewal membership payment, or by contacting our office via email. In your email, please include your full name as listed in your workbook, your mailing address and company name as listed in your workbook.  If choosing to email our office, please allow up to 48 hours to process the cancelation. To avoid a monthly subscription payment, you must submit your cancellation request 48 hours prior to your payment date. MinuteBooks Records will NOT refund a yearly subscription for early termination. Once you cancel your subscription membership, you will be removed from our mailing list, unless otherwise requested. 

Option 2: Involuntary termination:

MinuteBooks Records reserves the right to terminate the access and use for any client who does not comply with the terms and conditions listed on this page. The following is included, but not limited the immediate termination of use: 

-  Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted, trademarked or proprietary materials without the documented written consent of the owner and administrator.  

-  Failure to comply with the Installment Agreement terms listed in the signed contract will result in the account becoming delinquent. The continuing failure of payment after our attempt to contact you will result in termination of use. 

-  Offensive language, photos, videos, drawings, material or any fraudulent material, etc.

MinuteBooks Records does not give refunds for clients with involuntary termination.

Once you terminate your subscription, MinuteBooks Records has the right to keep your account in our system as inactive for 90 days. Within the 90 day period, you can contact our office to ask us to consider re-activating your account with all previously entered information still visible. 



Once again, we would like to reiterate that you agree you have read, understand and accept our Terms of Use for MinuteBooksRecords.com and the MinuteBooks Workbook. You also understand and accept that you are using our services at your own will and that we hold the right to change our Terms of Use at any time with or without notice. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our Terms of Use, please feel free to contact our office.