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About Our Beta Team

Our team at MinuteBooks Records is working hard to develop our Software to perform at its utmost potential. It is important to us to deliver an efficient program that fulfills all purposes of retaining business records while producing all necessary reports to maximize your tax return results.  

While we are still in the developmental phase, we are inviting Family Child Care Providers to register as a Beta Member.  

Benefits of Becoming a Beta Member

As a Beta Member, you will have the opportunity to use the software in its entirety free of charge. During your Beta Subscription, you will have access to all reports and materials offered in the Software.

As a Beta Tester you will be able to: 

-   Use the MinuteBooks Records Workbook exclusively 

-   Help in the development of the Software

-   Receive incentives for memberships once the Software is launched 

-   Have access to all available reports 

Your Role as a Beta Member

Your role as a Beta Member is to use the Software as you normally would to track all of your business records. Periodically, you will receive an email from our team asking your opinion on new upgrades, general questions about your experience and occasional client surveys. We also encourage all members to send us feedback at any time!

Here at MinuteBooks Records, we value the input of our clients. Until we are 100% complete for launch, we are working closely with our Betam Team to ensure we add all necessary functions to keep accurate electronic business records while producing all tax reports needed to obtain the best possible tax return result. 

How to Register as a Beta Member

Becoming a Beta Member is completely free with no obligation for long-term registration. To register, simply click here to email our office!


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