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MinuteBooks Records owner and Enrolled Agent, Fred Kenyon, specializes in preparing Child Care Tax Returns. Throughout his years of experience, Fred has noticed common errors, missed deductions and overpriced (meaning overpaid) tax bills. It was Fred's desire to educate other Child Care Providers of business deductions being overlooked because of 4 reasons: 

1.   Lack of knowledge in Child Care Tax Law

2.   Fault in record keeping

3.   Online tax programs not providing all possible deductions for Child Care Providers

4.   Having a tax preparer who is not well versed in Child Care Tax Law 

With the desire to help Child Care Providers, Fred began presenting Record Keeping and Tax Workshops. To this day, Fred teaches Providers about the tax law and how to obtain the best possible tax bill using thorough record keeping. With over 15 years of experience preparing taxes (as well as 8 years presenting Workshops), Fred Kenyon has designed a program proven to save hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Fast Record Keeping

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Become knowledgeable in business expenses you can claim on your next tax return! MinuteBooks Records lists all possible methods of deductions so our clients don't miss a thing.

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Keep Good Records

Accurate record-keeping is an important way to optimize your business and finances. The Workbook makes it easy to keep all electronic records secure. 

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MinuteBooks Records creates multiple reports that can help a Professional Tax Preparer get the best result on your next Tax Return. 

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Our company takes tremendous pride being proactive advocates for Child Care Providers. Stop giving the government your hard-earned money, and take control of your record-keeping with this easy-to-use software!

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